Did You Know?

In 2018 over 1000 babies were born prematurely or low weight in Genesee County. Almost 14% of African American infants did not live to see their first birthday. Most significantly, the Flint Water Crisis has created a spike in the need for special education services for children.

1 in 5 students receive special education services; which has increased up to 56% prior to the crisis.


Revive Community Health Center (RCHC) will offer services to children on the Autism Spectrum and/or behavioral concerns. In addition, RCHC will provide resources and wrap-around services to mothers that aid in promoting a decrease in the infant mortality and low birth weight for babies in Flint and Genesee County.

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Our Vision

Revive will be a culturally sensitive center that provides services to Flint/Genesee children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other behavioral concerns.  Our goal is to aid in decreasing maternal/infant mortality and low birth weight in the African American population in Flint/Genesee County and provide community resources/outreach that revives the overall health of Flint residents.

Our Team


Ezra Tillman

Founder / President


Catrina Tillman


Board of Directors


Terri Colbert


Sharae Rosborough

1st Vice Chair

Dr. Lynn Walker

2nd Vice Chair

Pastor Michael Pettigrew Treasure

Julie Winkfield Esq.


Board Members:



Alan Myles


Dr. Ann Burton

Dr. Zelton Johnson

Ezra Tillman